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TRANSITIONS is an exhibition of collaborative work by Armando Chant, Donna Sgro and Olivier Solente as Make.Shift Concepts. The exhibition includes garment, textile, film and sculptural works. While the first exhibition, CONSTRUCTIONS explored the developement of 2D t0 3D, TRANSITIONS expolored 3D to 4D, by incorporating the moving image.

The garment is conceived as a perpetually shifting object, continually transforming. The garments are presented both in static display and on the body, through the film work. The film work is presented as a twin projection, enabling transformation of forms as the figure moves to the projected crossing, almost appearing to walk through another door. The sculptures were made by manipulating the shapes of the garment patterns, using 3D software, and transformed further through choice of materials.

Overall Concept and Development: Donna Sgro, Armando Chant, Olivier Solente
Sculptures: Olivier Solente
Garments: Donna Sgro
Textiles: Armando Chant
Film: Andrew Kaineder in collaboration with ABSORB
Model: Kelsey Gerry @ Priscillas Model Management
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
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The becomingalepidopterist stage of my phd project series resulted in a collection of garments which explored 2D to 3D methodologies in garment making, alongside the development of a collaborative interdisciplinary practice.

The aim of this speculative project was to initiate a way of practicing where form-making was explored in an experimental way. The idea of form was derived from a broader understanding relating to visual arts and architectural practices.

Usually working with a set of traditional garment pattern blocks and body measurements, this series of garments explored working with alternate 2D and 3D methods.
Developed from a study of the butterfly life-cycle, initially a series of drawings and paper collages were created, from which the garment forms were developed.

The project explored using a 2D garment making methodology, in order to reflect on the practice of working between 2D and 3D form, which was initiated with the drawing series.

The resulting garments were exhibited in two separate exhibitions, CONSTRUCTIONS and TRANSITIONS, each exploring a different spatial dimension. The collaboration for these exhibitions including working with Armando Chant and Olivier Solente in our practice, Make.Shift Concepts. Within the becomingalepidopterist garment series, Armando Chant designed the textile prints and Olivier Solente contributed 3D modelling processes.

Photography: Gary Gee
Makeup: Chereine Wadell
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CONSTRUCTIONS is an exhibition of collaborative work by Armando Chant, Donna Sgro and Olivier Solente as Make.Shift Concepts. The work includes hybrid material forms, conceived as static mutations between garment, object, textile and space. Beginning from studies of nature and the idea of continual transformation, an iterative process is employed. This involves abstractions and re-combinations of digital and analogue technologies, and an exchange of processes between designers. Within this exhibition, the nature of what a garment can be and how it relates to the body, is questioned. The garment, rather, is presented as a transitioning object, using both 2D and 3D representations.

CONSTRUCTIONS was presented at the Damien Minton Annex space, in late October, 2012.
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Dislocations is a series of three textile works, created by Donna Sgro and Armando Chant in collaboration. The works were presented as part of Interwoven, which is a curated selection of fashion and textile works of the Design Institute of Australia Textile Practice Group. Dislocations investigates the biological phenomena of patterning that is evident in butterfly wing growth, and the resulting structural distortion in the pattern that develops. The textile works were an investigation of this structural principle through their constructed methodology. The three works were hand-screenprinted in monochromatic half-tones, sliced and re-constructed through stitching, emphasizing the disruptive nature of the pattern.

Disruptive imagery has been developed in relation to textiles in the area of camouflague. Camouflague is a biomimetic adaptation where pattern is used to cloak what is seen. Using a different principle of disruptive imagery this work investigates how other biomimetic adaptations may be used to disrupt the visual within a textiles context.

Interwoven was held at the Damien Minton Annex Space in June 2013 and travelled to the Design Gallery, Design Institute of Australia as part of LOOK.STOP.SHOP during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Photography: Design Institute of Australia
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This drawing project developed alongside active observations of the Wanderer butterfly life-cycle.

The daily photographic record and commentary can be found here
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